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Luke Halliday
Mercury IT
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Thank you very much for all of your help. It is difficult to express thanks to you in any way that remotely reflects the amazing results.


Only in part does the dollar measure of the results demonstrate the value your expertise models have bought to me and my business.

Challenges we're facing right now

Tom Peters notes, in his book "Search of Excellence", that an organisation is nothing more and nothing less than people (employees) serving people (customers and communities).

The people that are successful in organisations - and the reason those organisations are successful - are those that have both soft skills and technical skills.  And because many “traditional” entry-level job responsibilities are now being automated and replaced by software, employers are demanding employees bring something more than technical skills to the table. 


Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today's workforce. It's just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help you to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our "Engage” training program teaches your people the 7 communication skills decoded from genius communicators.  It provides sophisticated yet easy-to-learn frameworks to navigate conversations.  By having your employees use these communication processes consistently, they will operate within a well-formed frame and create a discourse that is clear and concise.  And as a result, it will transform the way they are heard, seen and regarded in the workplace and their lives.

Engagement outcomes 
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higher productivity

better collaboration

more satisfaction
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We are on a mission to vastly improve the experience your people have when communicating in the workplace - whether managing down, up or sideways

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What this course provides


A model decoded from genius leaders and communicators providing you the top 7 communication capabilities for success


20 highly targeted learning bursts over 3 modules to learn at own pace, whenever and wherever, for an unlimited time


Proven methodologies that are evidence based and research backed to connect study findings to the real business world


Easy to digest experiential micro-learning lessons backed up by written instruction and quizzes for new capability retention

Skill uptake your people get from this course

The "Engage" Program

After completing this course your people will have the language patterns and non-verbal communication frameworks to connect with and influence others.  They will be able to:

  • build rapport and trust quickly to support engagement

  • convey information concisely and accurately for better problem-solving

  • question to accurately uncover critical information for decision-making

  • calibrate non-verbal communication to develop intrinsic motivation and engagement

  • confirm understanding for responsibility and accountability

  • set frames to define boundaries, keep dialogue on-topic, and manage expectations

Module 1:  Preparation

After completing this module your people will have the skills to create the conditions for efficient, effective and successful communication.  They will be able to:

  • define useful outcomes that are plausible and achievable for communication in any context so they are met

  • trigger resourceful states of mind to achieve your's and others' outcomes with integrity 

  • naturally and quickly build rapport through non-verbal communication frameworks for connection and influence



Module 2:  Execution

After completing this module your people will have the skills to set context and boundaries for giving instructions. They will be able to:

  • set frames that direct the attention of your audience so you get things done

  • create useful contexts when making a request so you support engagement and motivation

  • question for precision communication between you and others to avoid misunderstands and mistakes

Module 3:  Applied Feedback

After completing this module your people will have the skills to ensure information is not lost in translation. They will be able to:

  • use paraphrasing to confirm message have been understood

  • confirm through non-verbal communication when you have agreement so that delegated tasks or commitments will be completed


Once your people implement what they've learnt in this course, the experience of communicating and working with others will dramatically change.  They will generate more: 


Course keys decoded from genius communicators

We have the capability to discover, from top performers, exactly how they produce their outstanding results using modelling techniques from neuroscience and applied cognitive psychology.  

From this work, we've developed a series of models of commercial soft skills. We've also designed a collection of remote micro learning to transfer the capabilities to those who want them. 

Here's what others are saying about this course

Brendan Farrugia.jpeg

Brendan Farrugia

Today we applied what you taught us with a client who was less than impressed with us prior to the meeting. One hour later for him to thank us, say that we were very different from other sales representatives and to ask could we come back to present to the directors was a fantastic result.

The whole team is certainly walking around with a lot more confidence. 

Kimi Boyd.jpeg

Kimi Boyd

World Vision

Geoff and Chris’s work has re-ignited an interest in me that was gone.  


The program has opened up a whole new platform on which we now operate.  It has given my team and me a universal language that helps to keep things within a framework - which we never had before. Everyone’s attention is directed to the same intention.


From Geoff and Chris's teachings, I now have an unconscious competence!

Luke Halliday.jpeg

Luke Halliday

Mercury IT

Thank you very much for all of your help. It is difficult to express thanks to you in any way that remotely reflects the amazing results.


Only in part does the dollar measure of the results demonstrate the value your expertise models have bought to me and my business.

This stuff has changed my life!  In fact it has changed the way we do business here.  Apart from exceeding the targets for productivity improvement – there is a real buzz – an optimistic energy around here – the difference is palpable.  We have a new way of communicating and asking questions that is far more efficient and gets accurate information quickly. This flows on to get fact decision making which has a big impact on business performance and staff morale.

Susy Goldner.jpeg

Susy Goldner

Virgin Australia


Why your people will get skill uptake

Traditional trainers attempt to create behavioural change directly with new behaviour.  What results is that graduates can talk about what to do (e.g. answer test questions) but they fail to demonstrate the flexible behavioural competence and capability in real life
This course is built using the principles of Cognitive Load Theory to ensure information is easily learned, retained and applied.  We combine this with experiential learning activities (i.e learning by doing) for fast and effective skill acquisition

Why this course may be just what your people need right now

It is often believed some of the skills required to lead and manage people are instinctive. They are not. They are learned.  

Anyone who has ever had to make a team, an organisation or business work knows the importance of communication skills.   Yet so many of us have not been trained or been mentored in the art of effective communication and leadership.  

The "Engage" program consists of a number of communication and thinking patterns essential for managing others effectively; especially making and responding to requests.  In addition to managing down the Engage program is an excellent tool for managing up and managing sideways.

As a result of incorporating the "Engage" model your people will find that as either a leader or a team member  they are then well placed to become the model for replicating the behaviours that you want to see in the organisation. This is how organisational culture can be nudged in a useful direction.


About the course creators & trainers

Geoffrey Wade

Geoffrey is a management consultant with over 30 years of experience building high performing teams, growing companies and change management. 

Geoffrey has tertiary qualifications in Science, Engineering, Business Administration, NLP and Training. 

Geoffrey has been an executive leader, coach, business performance improvement consultant, leadership development consultant and management consultant and seminar presenter since the 1980’s.

Chris Collingwood

Chris specialises in one to one work with people, course design and accreditation, and the training of corporate consultants and executive coaches.


Chris holds a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, a Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in NLP and a Masters degree in Applied Science Social Ecology.


He has over twenty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia, Indonesia, India, China, New Zealand and the US.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete this course?

You have full access for the lifetime of the course!  We want you to get everything you can out of this course.

Why is this course a fraction of its normal price?

We believe effective communication in the workplace is key to both personal and business wellbeing, endurance and success.


We are on a mission to help people dramatically improve their communication capabilities to elevate their experiences and results.