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I knew a person who experienced anxiety every day over responsibilities and demands that he was avoiding dealing with. He would meditate each night before going to bed. Have a good night's sleep then have another day of growing anxiety. He never learned to actively manage his anxiety state induced by his every day life. He just cycled through the pattern of growing anxiety during the day, temporarily relieved through meditation before bed then repeated again the next day.

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  • the number one mental health problem when visiting a GP is anxiety (followed by depression)

  • an estimated 275 million people world-wide suffer from anxiety disorders
  • mindfulness and other types of meditation are usually seen as simple stress-relievers but they can sometimes leave people who are experiencing intense anxiety states worse off

  • individuals who experience intense and unresourceful anxiety states need some alternatives

  • health systems have not yet adequately responded to this burden 
  • to-date, most solutions are on-going interventions that are costly and time-consuming

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Get Control of How You Experience Life

Most of us are unaware:

  • anxiety is a state that you can learn to manage

  • it is possible to transform an anxious state to feel resourceful and confident

  • that anxiety has a structure in how it operates and knowing how your mind generates it, enables you to learn to manage or transform it

  • that not only can you learn to manage and transform anxious feelings, you can develop real emotional choice in your life

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What You Learn

  • learn to manage anxiety actively and reduce feelings of anxiety in general

  • learn how to think about future events in a resourceful way

Outcomes You Get

  • ability to create a state where you feel comfortable and capable in any previously anxiety-inducing environment or future event

  • agency and influence over possible future events

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Corporate Training Made Affordable

$129 unlimited access for the
lifetime of the course
  • stories for unconscious learning
  • framing for context
  • demonstrations for skill uptake
  • skill drills for 'unconscious competence'
Module 1:  Understanding

After completing this module you will have a clearer understanding of anxiety as an emotional state not a disorder. You will be able to:

  • ability to unpack its physiology when you or others are in the state

  • understand it has structure and what that looks like

Module 2:  Managing & Overcoming

After completing this module you will learn the tools to transform your anxious states. You will be able to:

  • change an anxious state by changing your breathing and physiology

  • unpack the mental process of the anxious state by using perceptual positions to interrupt and disengage from it

  • transform anxiety inducing future events by using our well-formed outcome, intention and consequence frameworks

  • engage your unconscious mind to generate resources and confirm congruency


Who Benefits?

  • anyone who has struggled with anxiety, whether consistently or intermittently

  • anyone who has tried different things to manage their anxiety and found it didn't work for them

  • anyone who experiences with anxiety when they need to perform in challenging situations, whether at work or in daily life

  • anyone who feels anxious when they engage with others

  • anyone who struggles with anxiety when they think about what is going to happen in future

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Trainers with over 
60 years combined experience

Chris Collingwood has a Masters in Psychology and is a master NLP trainer.


He specialises in decoding what the 'best of the best of us' do and then designing and teaching these models of expertise to others.


Chris lives in Sydney, Australia and is a co-founder of Performance Break-thru Academy. 

He is on a mission to help people unleash the best in themselves and their experience of work and life.

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Geoffrey Wade is a leading NLP expert, MBA and business improvement specialist.  Geoffrey and his team have helped over 13,000 leaders build high performing teams.​

He lives in Brisbane, Australia and is a co-founder of Performance Break-thru Academy. 

Geoffrey believes that once we shift the prevailing limiting mindsets, only then will we embrace new ways of doing things and succeeding in ways never imagined before.

He is on a mission to help people learn and use high performance models to level up their wellbeing and performance.

Faster Skill Acquisition

  • This course is built using the principles of Cognitive Load Theory to ensure information is easily learned, retained and applied.  We combine this with experiential learning activities (i.e learning by doing) for fast and effective skill acquisition

  • We have the capability to discover, from high functioning and performing individuals, exactly how they produce their outstanding sates and results using modelling techniques from neuroscience and applied cognitive psychology

  • From this work, we've developed a series of models of expertise. We've also designed a collection of remote micro-learning to transfer the capabilities to those who want them

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How long do I have to complete this course?

You have full access for the lifetime of the course!  We want you to get everything you can out of this course.

Why is this course a fraction of its normal price?

We believe effective managing anxiety is a problem that is dramatically impacting the daily experience of life for too many of us.


We are on a mission to help people dramatically improve their lives by learning how to transform and disengage their anxiety