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It's Not Too Late To Learn How To Be A Master Communicator

Soft skills are vital to your career, your team and organisation's success.

Traditional techniques are irrelevant.

Learn what genius communicators do.

See respect, motivation and results around you grow and flourish.

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How this Masterclass works

1. We'll share

two key frameworks

Every communication you have with others is important.  It can cost you time, rapport and money if not done well.  Most people want to accurately understand others and to be accurately understood. In particular, those in leadership roles, want others to they work with to rationally and emotionally commit to delegated tasks and achieve the outcomes set for them.

2. You'll learn

both the what & how to

It's great to gather and digest a lot of information. Information is knowledge, right.  Yet, without knowing how to apply and make it a habit, you're left none the wiser. Over this 45 minute masterclass you'll learn how to ensure you achieve your outcome when communicating; how to engage and sustain the attention of others you talk or meet with and how to keep conversations on-topic.

Insights we'll share

There is a significant human and cultural cost in having communication soft skills gaps in the workplace, for everyone.  So many leaders tell us they and their teams are not achieving what they want in their communication.  We'll share with you how to:

Achieve concise and accurate exchanges of information

Get people to understand the intention or the 'what for' behind their dialogue or task delegation

Give and receive useful and high quality feedback

Create engaged and self motivated people who show rational and emotional commitment and participate fully

Develop people you can rely on to achieve the outcomes set for them with minimal supervision

Mercury IT

"Only in part does the dollar measure of the results demonstrate the value your expertise models have bought to me and my business."
Luke Halliday
"It has given my team and me a universal language that helps to keep things within a framework - which we never had before. Everyone’s attention is directed to the same intention."

World Vision

Kim Boyd


Tuesday March 16 2021

Brisbane 6pm

Sydney 7pm

London 8am

Dubai Midday

Singapore 4pm


The Masterclass will take place online using
Zoom video conferencing, which means you
can watch from the comfort of your home.

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About Chris Collingwood

Chris is the co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy. 


Chris specialises in one to one work with people, course design and accreditation, and the training of corporate consultants and executive coaches.


Chris holds a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, a Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in NLP, NLP Trainer certification and a Masters degree in Applied Science Social Ecology.


He has over twenty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia, Indonesia, India, China, New Zealand and the US.

About Geoffrey Wade

Geoffrey Wade is an international business performance improvement consultant specialising in workplace communications and leadership.


He lives in Brisbane, Australia where the climate know for being beautiful one day, perfect the next.  He is recognised for helping leaders in medium through large corporations to drive quantum improvements in business results.  Geoffrey and his team have helped over 10,000 leaders build high performing teams.


He’s known for sharing stories about his client’s remarkable achievements, then pausing, smiling and saying, “If you aren’t a bit sceptical about those outcomes, then you haven’t thought through just what they mean in practice in your business.”  


He’s the author of numerous white papers on communications, leadership and organisational change and the book “The Sales Edge."


Geoffrey believes that once you shift the prevailing limiting mindsets about what people can do, that fast and lasting organisational change is possible in many enterprises.  And that it comes through the effective communication with and leadership of human assets.  He says leaders and organisations are inconsistent and ineffective at connecting with their people - and hidden within this capability gap lies the potential to improve employee psychological safety, engagement and performance.


He is on a mission to shift the prevailing paradigm that employees are liabilities to one where staff are seen as assets and treated accordingly.

Super-charge your communication

We've decoded what genius communicators do - both consciously and unconsciously, so that we all can learn to do what they do to improve our people, our careers and personal experiences.  Our 'Engage' model together with our teaching methods helps anyone rapidly become a highly skilled communicator.  In this Masterclass we'll share two key frameworks and other insights into our 7 steps to Engage so you (and your team) can move toward being a master communicator.
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Join this FREE Masterclass today

It's Not Too Late To Learn How To Be A Master Communicator

Tuesday March 16 2021

Brisbane 6pm

Sydney 7pm

London 8am

Dubai Midday

Singapore 4pm

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