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Have you ever been frustrated when trying to connect with or influence your colleagues during face-to-face or online meetings?

Learn the Code for Clarity
in every Communication


  • Influencing skills are vital for any individual, team or organisation's success, and

  • Traditional communication techniques are incomplete and inadequate.

  • Learn what exemplar communicators do, face-to-face or online, and

  • Have respect and results around you grow and flourish.

I've got to say that Chris and Geoff are two of their most consciously effective communicators that I've ever met - and I've met a lot!  What they don't know about effective communication frankly isn't worth knowing.

Blair Stevenson, CEO, Brava Ltd
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How this Masterclass works

1. We'll share

Every communication you have with others is important.  It can cost you time, relationship and money if not done well. 

In this Masterclass you will learn one of the 7 key steps within our communication model of excellence.  It's a simple-to-learn yet sophisticated framework, tested and evidence-based for oral questioning strategy & pattern so you can:

  • align attention and questions with the outcomes  

  • qualify the meaning of non-specific language

  • achieve your outcome when communicating

There is a significant human and cultural cost in having communication soft skills gaps in the workplace, for everyone.  So many leaders tell us "our teams are not achieving what they want through their communication and it is compromising our psychological safety, engagement, agility and results".  

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Mercury IT

"Only in part does the dollar measure of the results demonstrate the value your expertise models have bought to me and my business."
Luke Halliday
"It has given my team and me a universal language that helps to keep things within a framework - which we never had before. Everyone’s attention is directed to the same intention."

World Vision

Kimi Boyd


Session 1:  

Thursday 26 August -10am AEST Brisbane Sydney Melbourne, Midday Auckland

25 August - 5pm Los Angeles, 8pm New York

Session 2: 

Thursday 26 August - 6pm AEST Sydney Brisbane Melbourne, 9am London, Midday Dubai & 4pm Singapore


The 60 minute Masterclass will take place online using Zoom video conferencing, which means you can watch from the comfort of your home.

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Session 1

Session 2

About Chris Collingwood

Chris is a recognised leader in training design and delivery specialising in leadership development, executive coaching and NLP training and co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy. 


From working with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs over the past thirty years, he has observed that there are specific components that shift teams and organisations from good results to exceptional results.


He lives with his partner Jules in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.  Chris is co-author of the “NLP Field Guide; A reference manual of practitioner level patterns” and has produced hundreds of graduates through his and Jules’s Graduate Certificate qualification in NLP.   

He has over thirty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia, Indonesia, India, China, New Zealand and the US.

He says that “For leaders and organisations, interpersonal communication is fraught with danger.  Important ideas and information are often communicated poorly, resulting in misunderstanding, and low grade execution of projects.  Unfortunately, when a person is promoted into a leadership position, typically they are not taught how to manage themselves or the people who report to them effectively.  Self management includes managing one’s own states, shifting context, and performance”.

Chris brings his experience in course design and accreditation, his background in cognitive psychology and NLP, and experience in running a registered training organisation to the Performance Breakthru Academy. 

About Geoffrey Wade

Geoffrey Wade is an international business performance improvement consultant specialising in workplace communications and leadership and co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy.

He lives in Brisbane, Australia where the climate is known for being beautiful one day, perfect the next.  He is recognised for helping leaders in medium to large corporations to drive quantum improvements in business results.  Geoffrey and his team have helped over 10,000 leaders build high performing teams.

He’s known for sharing stories about his client’s remarkable achievements, then pausing, smiling and saying, “If you aren’t a bit sceptical about those outcomes, then you haven’t thought through just what they mean in practice in your business”.  


He’s the author of numerous white papers on communications, leadership and organisational change and the book "The Sales Edge".

Geoffrey believes that once you shift the prevailing limiting mindsets about what people can do, that fast and lasting organisational change is possible in many enterprises and that it comes through the effective communication with and leadership of human assets.  He says “leaders and organisations are inconsistent and ineffective at connecting with their people - and hidden within this capability gap lies the potential to improve employee psychological safety, engagement and performance”.

He is on a mission to shift the prevailing paradigm that employees are liabilities to one where staff are seen as assets and treated accordingly.

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Learn the Code for Clarity
in every Communication

Communication Masterclass Series

Session 1:  

Thursday 26 August -10am AEST Brisbane Sydney Melbourne, Midday Auckland

25 August - 5pm Los Angeles, 8pm New York

Session 2: 

Thursday 26 August - 6pm AEST Sydney Brisbane Melbourne, 9am London, Midday Dubai & 4pm Singapore