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Meetings can only be successful with the right processes and, more importantly, a unique set of communication skills!  

  • 33.4% of time in meetings is wasted
  • 73% do other work during meetings
  • 90% daydream in meetings

The True Cost of Meetings

Halve the Time
Spent in Meetings

or  be 10-20% more productive

Anyone who has ever had to make a team or an organisation work knows the importance of effective meetings.   Yet less than 10% of us have been trained to lead or participate in highly productive meetings.


It is often believed some of the skills required to lead and manage people in meetings, whether in-person or online, are instinctive. They are not.  They are learnt.  Through modelling exemplar facilitators who demonstrate these talents we have been able to decode the skills in a form suitable for learning so you can apply it in the real world.


Our 'Keys to run meetings like magic' teaches you or your people both the administrative processes and the communication patterns for running highly productive meetings that achieve their intended outcomes.

Meetings are Important

What You Learn

  • interpersonal communication strategies to connect, engage & influence participants in remote or face-to-face meetings 
  • communication skills for keeping the meeting focussed & the participants on-track
  • communication skills to frame, track engagement and challenge for relevancy to have meetings run to time and achieve measurable outcomes
  • to recognise and deal with incongruencies and communication strategies to resolve impasses and sticking points
  • to set clear outcomes and intentions for each agenda item so that meetings are outcome driven, achieve their outcome & are stress-free

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Blair Stevenson

I've got to say that Chris and Geoff are two of their most consciously effective communicators that I've ever met - and I've met a lot. What they don't know about effective communication frankly isn't worth knowing.

Loris Micheletti

This program was insightful and I liked the way it was delivered. For me, this program is what I really what I needed to learn as I have to do a lot of meetings during the week with Senior Management or my staff. After this program, I was really surprised by the results. 

Matt Kreis

The program provided subtleties that have made a world of difference to the way we conduct meetings - from the way we deliver to how our messages are received.  This program has also helped me in unexpected ways.  It was outstanding.  

Samantha Garbutt

The highlight of the program is that it is experiential and engaging. What is more exciting, my colleagues who have also participated, are maintaining greater rapport and remaining on track. Meetings are shorter yet all outcomes are achieved...Magic!


Corporate Training Made Affordable

$129 unlimited access for the
lifetime of the course
  • stories for unconscious learning
  • framing for context
  • demonstrations for skill uptake
  • skill drills for 'unconscious competence'
  • FAQs for content & context
Module 1:  Preparation

After completing this module you will have the skills to set the conditions for successful meetings. You will be able to:

  • define the intentions and outcomes to have meetings deliver results

  • set the boundaries for discussion to stay on-topic 

  • create agendas to control the flow and timing of the meeting

  • invite the attendees for expertise, decision-making approval to advance

Module 2:  Communication

After completing this module you will have the verbal and non-verbal communication patterns to connect with and influence attendees.  You will be able to:

  • build rapport and trust quickly to support engagement

  • convey information concisely and accurately for better problem-solving

  • confirm understanding for responsibility and accountability

  • question to accurately uncover critical information for decision-making

Module 3:  Facilitation

After completing this module you will have the skills to conduct and lead meetings effectively. You will be able to:

  • start and finish meetings on-time so attendees can manage commitments

  • align and steer meeting attendees to get things done

  • keep meeting attendees on topic and save time

  • resolve tensions, guide people to overcome stalemates to make progress

  • recognise when a ‘yes' means ’no’, resolve the contradiction and get commitment to actions

  • guide problem generators so they become invaluable resources 


Who Benefits?

  • do you run or participate in meetings and want to spend less time in meetings and get more results?

  • Are you a sales person who wants to streamline their client meetings process to facilitate more, faster and better quality buying decisions?

  • Are you a business owner who wants to streamline their formal and informal meetings to generate faster and better quality decisions?

  • Are you a project manager who wants to streamline their meetings to develop buy-in to action items from attendees so that project deadlines are met?

  • Are you a coach who wants to lead clients to useful outcomes in less time and with deeper rapport?

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Pastel Swirl

Trainers with over 
60 years combined experience

Chris Collingwood is a recognised leader in training design and delivery specialising in leadership development, executive coaching and NLP training and co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy. 


From working with leaders, managers and entrepreneurs over the past thirty years, he has observed that there are specific components that shift teams and organisations from good results to exceptional results. ​

He says that “For leaders and organisations, interpersonal communication is fraught with danger.  Important ideas and information are often communicated poorly, resulting in misunderstanding, and low grade execution of projects.  Unfortunately, when a person is promoted into a leadership position, typically they are not taught how to manage themselves or the people who report to them effectively.  Self management includes managing one’s own states, shifting context, and performance”.

He is on a mission to help leaders unleash the best in their people to benefit both the working experience and business results.

Geoff Wade Thinkific.png

Geoffrey Wade is an international business performance improvement consultant specialising in workplace communications and leadership and co-founder of Performance Breakthru Academy.

He lives in Brisbane, Australia and is recognised for helping leaders in medium to large corporations to drive quantum improvements in business results.  Geoffrey and his team have helped over 10,000 leaders build high performing teams.​

Geoffrey believes that once you shift the prevailing limiting mindsets about what people can do, that fast and lasting organisational change is possible in many enterprises and that it comes through the effective communication with and leadership of human assets.  He says “leaders and organisations are inconsistent and ineffective at connecting with their people - and hidden within this capability gap lies the potential to improve employee psychological safety, engagement and performance”.

He is on a mission to shift the prevailing paradigm that employees are liabilities to one where staff are seen as assets and treated accordingly.

Faster Skill Acquisition

  • This course is built using the principles of Cognitive Load Theory to ensure information is easily learned, retained and applied.  We combine this with experiential learning activities (i.e learning by doing) for fast and effective skill acquisition

  • We have the capability to discover, from top performers, exactly how they produce their outstanding results using modelling techniques from neuroscience and applied cognitive psychology

  • From this work, we've developed a series of models of commercial soft skills. We've also designed a collection of remote micro-learning to transfer the capabilities to those who want them

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How long do I have to complete this course?

You have full access for the lifetime of the course!  We want you to get everything you can out of this course.

Why is this course a fraction of its normal price?

We believe that too many meetings are a waste of your valuable time.  And we are on a mission to improve meetings - for everyone!